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Dreaming of a wonderful life at Green Star Sky Garden
In order to bring green life to the residents, the project investor spent 600 billion VND to build a park of 6,000 m2 and Thien Duong lake to 3,000 m2. In the midst of a cramped city with skyscrapers, dust and traffic jams, many seek to find a safe and healthy living space away from the bustle of the streets.

[Image: 26831898727_5d40834e6a_o_d.jpg]

Hung Loc Phat has invested VND 600 billion to build a 6,000 m2 Luna Park, Thien Duong 3,000 m2 and dozens of internal roads flooded at the Green Star Sky project. Garden. A large artificial waterfall with tropical gardens is also built in the heart of the building so that all apartments can enjoy beautiful views and fresh climate.

Green Star Sky Garden is located at Nguyen Luong Bang Street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Here, besides investing in green field, the investor also pay attention to the health care and beauty of all residents.

Often, physical fitness facilities in the gym are only in the gym class, even spa projects are not available. However, at Green Star Sky Garden, these are the two minimum items.

The gym is equipped with a variety of modern machines, diverse workouts and professional instructors. The spa-sauna area with equipment and specialized equipment will bring beauty to the owners of Green Star Sky Garden.

In addition, there is a section equipped with specialized health care facilities for each apartment. The first is a clean air filter system for each unit. Residents here will be assured with fresh air is protected up to two classes. The first layer is a dense green system in a large internal park; The second is a clean air outlet system for each unit. Old age will be the maximum protection from respiratory diseases, cancer.

[Image: 26831898897_3009c72cd2_o_d.jpg]

Each apartment uses overflow glass, designed many doors so that space becomes wide open, easy to receive wind and natural light. Antimicrobial coatings are used to protect the health. Baths equipped with infrared sauna have the effect of purifying toxins from the body by secretion, produce collagen, increase blood circulation.

A large-scale water filtration system is also available in each building. Hazardous substances in water will be eliminated completely before use. Green Star Sky Garden also has a detox restaurant chain and organic food on the ground floor. These stores provide residents with immediate access to and use of the best healthy ingredients.

Green Star Sky Garden is the place to connect and inspire the feeling of connecting family members and the community with the discovery, the romantic and the prosperous.

Discoveries include fairy-tale gardens with flowers, spice gardens and medicinal plants. The games here will arouse creativity, create communication skills, increase endurance, help children develop from physical to intellectual.

Romance Zone with Appointment Tree, Heaven Lake or Love Bridge is an exciting destination for couples and couples.

Finally, the prosperous area. There is a garden for the family to open BBQ party, the elderly play chess or chat together, adding spice to life.
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