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Saigon South and the potential development of real estate
In the last few years, Saigon South has been invested in new infrastructure and the supply of apartments has also increased. However, when compared with the counterweight of East Ho Chi Minh City, it is still not significant. Despite the impetus for infrastructure, the south still ranked second in comparison with the East.

[Image: 33243536336_e8c3f3f0da_z_d.jpg]

When surveying the number of new projects in Saigon South, it is clear that not many projects have been launched in the last 3 years. The moment we start counting is in 2015, this is the time when real estate enters a new cycle of re-start after years of freezing.
What are the attractions of South Saigon real estate?

What attracts customers to Saigon South? It is a modern living space, a clean living environment and convenient transportation links to the city center, synchronous infrastructure and many new key projects in the future.

When referring to infrastructure in this area can refer to a number of focal projects such as the Thu Thiem bridge project with the connection to Thu Thiem District 2. Traffic bridge crossing Nguyen Van Linh Nguyen Huu Tho. The traffic works connected with the downtown area of Thu Thiem district 4.

It is for this reason that in the coming time, the South is expected to be a boom in the supply of real estate apartments or townhouses.
Hung Loc Phat has just launched the Green Garden apartment project in District 7. This is a high-end apartment project with special features Detox and Healthy focusing on health care of residents. Located adjacent to the modern urban Phu My Hung, Green Star residents enjoy the full range of modern conveniences in Saigon South from the Phu My Hung urban area. In less than 5 minutes it connects with local people to easily access the top utility projects of shopping, commerce, entertainment, finance, health education, etc.

In addition, the new information is metropolitan gs metrocity project after many years of waiting, now also have signs of re-launch to the market. This is one of the key strategic urban areas of Saigon South is expected to be the most modern urban area of international stature.

The trend of real estate investment in South Saigon area is likely to increase in the future to Saigon South area has many advantages as mentioned.

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